Technology for a world without waste.

We dream of a world where everything is 100% recycled.
And we build software to make that dream a reality.

We have an important part to play
in the circular economy.

We build software to support the work of producers, Stewardships, and Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) as they manage their large-scale recycling efforts.

Together, we’re creating a world where every material is fully recycled – and waste is a thing of the past.

Meet DiversysPRO

A SaaS software solution to help PROs and Stewardships report on and manage the end-of-life flow of used products.

Set the circular economy spinning with DiversysPRO.



Highly flexible.

Built to adapt to any recycling stream, jurisdiction, or program.



Single pane of glass.

Everyone in your program using the same platform.



Burden-free proof.

Easily report on and prove compliance.



Limitlessly productive.

Use built-in tools to analyze your business productivity.

Keep it Simple

No paper.
No unruly data.
No redundant processes.
No fraud.
No compliance fines.


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