About Us

Bringing it all together

The Diversys team comes together to create state-of-the-art software platforms that can support the global circular economy and resource recovery organizations. Our one-of-a-kind suite of SaaS solutions are making recycling and recovery management simple.

Every member of our diverse team brings experience, energy, and expertise to every aspect of what we do.

  • Roger Barlow

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Dejan Jovanovic

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Brent Crawford

    VP, Client Success
  • Edmond Sam

    VP, Product
  • Ruth Massey

    Director, Communications
  • Svetlana Barlow

    IT Manager
  • Blair Trudell

    General Counsel & VP, Corporate Development
  • David Koo

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Peter Beirne

    Director, Client Experience
  • Erin Machida-Kwok

    Market Analyst, Policies and EPR
  • Mohsen Vaseghi

    Director, Customer Solutions
  • Shima Rafizadeh

    Product Manager
  • Jorge Villafuerte

    Business Analyst
  • Shraddha Katole

    UAT Manager
  • Sonu Sharma

    Manager, Digital Marketing
  • Liliana Ortiz

    Graphic Designer
  • Solida Sar

    Product Designer
vision chart

Vision & Mission


A world where technology makes recycling simple.


Leverage technology to make recycling supply and recovery management transparent, efficient, and easy.