Job Description


Diversys™ provides our customers with a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution they can configure themselves in order to administer the day-to-day recycling activities they are obligated to perform. DiversysPRO™ is a fully integrated recycling management platform and mobile manifest that helps manage the supply, collection, transportation, processing and re-use of recycled materials. The solution allows our clients to operate their programs with high degrees of data integrity, while improving their productivity and ensuring compliance to recycling regulations. DiversysPRO focuses on addressing the key pain points in the recycling industry for Stewardship Programs, Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) and their program participants.  

The UX designer is a newly created role on the product team led by VP, Product. You will be working with other product team members including a business analyst, product manager and a product designer.  

Are you a strong believer and practitioner of the following:
  • Product Orientation - The most productive UX designer works together with product managers and the team of engineers building the product. Rather than being measured on the output of their design work, the UX designer is measured on the success of their product.
  • Holistic Design - User Experience (UX) is much bigger than User Interface (UI). The ultimate goal is delivering effortless customer experience. UX is any way that customers and end-users realize the value provided by your product. It includes all the touchpoints and interactions a customer has with your company and product over time. For modern products, this usually includes multiple different UIs (web, mobile, desktop, etc.) as well as other customer touch points (email, customer support, notification.). It also includes an intuitive information architecture.
  • Prototyping - Discovering products that customers love requires continuous collaboration with colleagues as well as frequent validation with external users and customers. Prototypes provide the vehicle to facilitate that communication.
  • User testing - Good product designers are constantly testing their ideas with real users & customers. They don’t just test when a prototype or idea is ready; rather, they build testing into their weekly schedule.
  • Visual and interaction design - The modern product designer has some level of skill with both visual and interaction design. Having a more complete toolset allows them to work quickly at different levels of fidelity depending on the context. It also allows them to design experiences in ways that wouldn’t have been possible when thinking of interaction and visual separately.

  • Develop and execute usability test strategy to ensure product deliver promise to all user personas.
  • Establish user focus group from the industry for testing in product development
  • Create intuitive product designs for complex and diverse business requirements
  • Build product prototypes, wireframes, and mock-ups; redesign (and simplify) existing user flows and information architecture
  • Partner closely with engineers and product managers to effectively and efficiently make ideas a reality

  Qualifications and Requirements 
  • 5+ years of experience in UI/UX design, product management and/or web design
  • Online portfolio of previous projects
  • Track record of connecting and recruiting from groups who are not direct customers
  • Demonstrable insights gained using tools including surveys, A/B testing, card sorting.
  • Proven experience creating wireframes, prototypes, mockups, and specifications for development using Sketch or Invision
  • Ability to take design ownership when necessary, making sound design decisions and clearly communicating those decisions to senior leadership
  • General experience with web and mobile applications; understanding of mobile apps and platforms
  • Ability to make good design decisions with available data, or how to acquire new data when you need it

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