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Who uses the DiversysPRO web portal and who uses the mobile app?
The DiversysPRO web portal is for administrators and other office management staff at PROs, Stewardships or participant offices. The DiversysPRO mobile app is for participants in the field to quickly and easily submit work orders on the transactions they’re working on (such as a pick-up or drop-off).
Who are you guys again?
We’re Diversys! We’re a team of software and recycling management people, using our skills to offer SaaS solutions to the resource recovery industry. From our time working in recycling management, we saw how kludgy and difficult current, paper-based methods of tracking recycling are. We come up with ideas that improve the current way of doing these, make recycling and compliance easier, and set the circular economy spinning.
What’s so great about DiversysPRO?
There's nothing like it anywhere. We offer the only truly end-to-end workflow solution for the recycling management and resource recovery industry: from waste material transactions in the field to report generation to enable proof of compliance. Keep it all together in one, easy-to-use platform.
What support does Diversys provide to get me up and running? Am I on my own?
From the moment you sign up for DiversysPRO, we're with you every step of the way. That includes a comprehensive assessment of your needs, custom set up and configuration of your web portal, and training for your staff as well as your participants. We don't consider you set up until you do.
What new features are you planning for DiversysPRO?
Come and talk with us and we'll tell you all about it! We've got some very useful, cool stuff planned!