How it works

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Information you need, when you need it

  • Transparent digital transactions happen from the collection point to the processing site with the mobile app. Use the web portal to get the reporting you need instantly.
  • Have eyes on all aspects of your recycling process with a paperless system that embeds sustainability into your process, from haulers to processors, from tracking to payment.
Easy to learn

Built for every user

  • A solution with an intuitive design for people of all IT skill levels, this is software your participants will want to use.
  • Simple and scalable, it easily and automatically handles more users, data volume, and complexity – no IT, coding, or downtime necessary.
Data at your command

Yours to report, analyze, and share

  • Easily share real-time analytics with stakeholders or export to other software to share with auditors.
  • Get insights that can be used to make the decisions that matter.
Adaptable to your business

Flexible software for everyone

  • Easily configure DiversysPRO to your waste stream, jurisdiction, regulatory requirements, and team.
  • Set it to suit your needs and make your work flow automatically. Simple.

DiversysPRO keeps you (upwardly) mobile.

Unlike other workflow software solutions in the world of recycling management, DiversysPRO has a mobile app that works with the web portal to give you a full, accurate, detailed, and traceable picture of your recycling solution. This app allows your in-field participants, such as your collectors, haulers, and processors, to go paperless and carry sustainability right into your recycling process. Say goodbye to unproductive, error-filled transactions and endless reams of paper.

Why you’ll love it

Greenlights your productivity

Get in the workflow

  • Reduce your recycling footprint and labor costs by going digital. No more paper or shipping costs.
  • Track, manage, report, and analyze your reporting practices with one solution.
  • Find spots of inefficiencies in your process that are causing delays and unnecessary costs.
Locks up your data

The numbers don’t lie

  • Get current, accurate, and traceable data in real time.
  • Built-in security and fraud safeguards, such as geotagging, weight variance detection, password protection, and encryption, keep you safe from errors and manipulation
  • Want more insight on each transaction? Using the app, participants can capture digital copies of supporting documentation – like scale tickets, receipts, or waybills – and upload them along with each transaction, giving you full visibility on what is happening in the field.
Proof. Without the burden.

Compliance made easy

  • Divert materials from landfills and easily prove it. Reporting is simple and seamless.
  • Evolves with the industry: we’ll enable you to be compliant, no matter how the regulations change.
  • Credibly identify yourself as a compliant, sustainable organization.

Stop wasting your time on ineffective, outdated, paper-based processes.

DiversysPRO solution empowers you to account for, manage, and report your recycling practices from start to finish. No paper. No unruly data. No redundant processes. No fraud. No compliance fines.

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