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Topic Summary

As Extended Producer Responsibility takes hold around the world, the demands on organizations that manage complex recovery and recycling programs, like PROs and government stewardships, grow more numerous each year. To meet the demands of these complex circular supply chains, PROs and stewardship organizations need better tools— ones that are specifically designed for them and their programs. Current systems fall short as government regulators, consumers, and manufacturers are demanding more than these solutions can supply: greater transparency in the chain of responsibility for the materials they are collecting, increased financial transactions with vendors, and irrefutable data integrity.

Canadian software company Diversys has developed DiversysPRO, a workflow software solution specifically designed to address the challenges of the recycling industry, particularly under EPR systems. This webinar will explore the factors driving the need for more and better data, including supply chain management, financial responsibility, regulatory compliance, and environmental challenges. We will also examine what solutions exist, how Diversys meets the needs of PROs, and look to the future of EPR program design.

This webinar continues the global conversation about EPR and the circular economy.

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